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Walk & Talk

What is walk and talk therapy?

Walk and talk therapy is when a counsellor and client have the counselling session outdoors while walking in nature. The combination of counselling, movement and nature can be powerful in creating change and awareness as well as reducing stress, depression and anxiety. 

How can it help?
Some clients feel more comfortable sharing their thoughts walking side by side with a therapist, rather than sitting in a room face to face which may feel restrictive to some.  Being outside can foster a better connection with nature and the wider world.  There are also more opportunities to try grounding and mindfulness techniques if these are of interest.  The walking also serves as physical exercise, and although this is just an additional benefit, it helps with both mental and physical health.

The sights, smells and sounds of nature can help reduce depression, stress and anxiety and offer new ways to process and manage thoughts, behaviours and emotions and can be used to support the issues which led you to have counselling. 

How does it work?

Our first session will take place in my counselling room where we will talk through how I work, what you would like to work on, your levels of fitness and mobility and how we will manage if we meet other people during our session. We will then meet in an agreed place which I will have risk assessed and you can have as many sessions as you feel is helpful. 


I use locations that have access to parking and a meeting point that is easy to locate

How fit do I need to be? 

We will walk at your pace and can take rest breaks as and when you need them, or we can sit on a bench in the outdoors if you prefer.


At our first session we will discuss confidentiality and how we can best manage this in the open, we can also agree on what to do if we see other people during our walk.

The weather

If you decide that the weather isn’t ideal we can have the therapy session in my counselling room. How we will manage the weather can be discussed on our first meeting and we can agree alternatives.


The therapist and client remain responsible for their own safety.  I will suggest walks that I have been on before and seem suitable for our work but I cannot take the same responsibility over the location as I would in my therapy room.

What do I need to bring?

Clothes/footwear suitable for the weather and terrain, you may want to bring a drink and if you need medication e.g an inhaler.

What if I don’t like it?

This is your therapy and if walking is not working for you, we can resume sessions in the therapy room either face to face or online.


Walk and talk sessions can be arranged in advance as one offs as part of face to face sessions.


Fees are the same with the same payment terms as other terms - £45 per counselling hour (50 Minutes)

Please contact me with any questions you have about walk and talk therapy. 

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